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At present, it is extremely difficult to obtain title insurance on properties obtained from defaulted tax liens without a court foreclosure action. In certain jurisdictions, tax lien investors spend significant time and money pursuing judicial quiet-title actions in order to obtain title insurance on tax-deeded properties. Investors can experience direct economic benefits in having a process that would eliminate the need for quiet-title actions and the ability to obtain title insurance without such delay.

Tax Title Services has developed a process that enables tax lien/deed investors to obtain title insurance on their tax-deeded properties without the need to file quiet title actions or to wait out statute of limitation periods.

In order to obtain insurable title you have two choices. One is to hire an attorney for a quiet title action whereby the court validates the tax sale, or you can use our certification service, which eliminates the quiet title action in lieu of our review process.

Our Current Active States include IN, IL, WV, FL, SC, MD, MS, CO, MO, DC, CA, CT, GA, MI, AR, NY, ID, AL, AZ, WA, TX, TN, PA, NV & MT. Other states can be added based on your needs and the number of properties available for service.


Once you obtain your tax deed or receipt of purchase from the sale send, us a copy with an attached Order Form and check for $750. You can print a copy of our Order Form on the following page. Our process is normally completed within 45-60 days as long as there are no errors in the process that would need to be cured. In the event that there will be curative delays, we will advise you accordingly and begin the additional steps necessary to certify your property. Please note that only a small percentage (usually less than 10%) of all files we review result in additional curative steps.

If there is massive failure in the tax sale process and your property cannot be certified or cured and a quiet title is required, then all you pay is the review fee and title search fee with the insurable title search then sent to your quiet title attorney which he or she may utilize to conduct the quiet title action. To date, for those files we have not certified, we have either cured or obtained a buy-back or workout settlement from an affected tax sale party for the tax deed holder, which is the same result if you conducted a quiet title action but again faster & cheaper.

Upon the completion of our process and we are ready to issue our Foreclosure Due Process Certification, we send you our review results with the invoice advising you that your property is ready for title insurance. Upon payment of our invoice, we can obtain a title policy from the title underwriter for you at that time.

When you have marketed the property and have a buyer under contract, we will coordinate and send the original certification and insurable title search to the title underwriter's direct local office or their title agent closing office on your behalf and advise you of the contact information for that office for you or your Realtor to deliver the original purchase agreement and any earnest money deposit.

The following are some of the benifits of utilizing our service:

  1. Save Time!!  No attorney or court delays
  2. Save Money!!  Our fees average half of what a quiet title would cost.
  3. Immediate Marketability, get your property listed shortly after your tax deed purchase

We hope this helps. Again, if you would like for us to begin processing your tax deeds, please let us know by contacting us directly and we'll help you get started. Test us out in order to truly appreciate what this service accomplishes for you.

Tax Title Services, Inc. is a proud member of the California Land Title Association (CLTA), the Florida Land Title Association (FLTA), and the Michigan Land Title Association (MLTA).