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Our Services

A Tax Lien Foreclosure Due Process Certification Company For The Issuance of Title Insurance
The Certification is the process of certifying the accuracy and completeness of the tax lien foreclosure due process in order to ultimately issue title insurance on tax deed properties. The certification process eliminates the need for the current industry practice of a quiet title court action in administrative due process states.

Tax Title Services is able to obtain title insurance for tax deed properties in the following states:

Alabama Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania
Arkansas Illinois Montana South Carolina
California Indiana Nebraska Tennessee
Colorado Louisiana New York Texas
Florida Maryland Nevada Washington
Georgia Michigan N. Carolina Washington D.C.
Hawaii Mississippi Oklahoma West Virginia

Benefits of utilizing Tax Title Services’ Foreclosure Due Process Certification are:

    * Time - The due process certification typically is completed within 6 to 8 weeks compared to 6 to 12 months for a quiet title court action. This time savings can equate into thousands of dollars in costs including:
  1. Financing costs
  2. Managing, maintenance, and repair costs
  3. Opportunity costs of your company’s capital
  4. Additional market risk of holding a property
    * Costs - Tax Title Services fees will save your company money compared to the costs of obtaining a quiet title court action. Our variable fees are structured to give discounts for higher volume clients and/or lower liability properties.

    * Additionally, Tax Title Services provides “beginning-to-end” Tax Lien Foreclosure Due Processing (Mennonite noticing requirements) and Foreclosure Due Process Certifications on a multi-state basis.

For additional information, please contact us.