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Title Curative | Tax Title Services

When you contract with Tax Title Services for title curative work, understanding exactly what our service does is vital to ensuring a quick and lower cost way to make your property insurable.

First, understand what we do not do. We are not insurance providers, and our service does not provide you with any sort of insurance product.

Rather, we offer a certificate that serves as proof to the insurance provider certifying the accuracy and completeness of the tax lien foreclosure due process. We offer no guarantees about insurability, but if your property fails to obtain title insurance after we have issued a certification, there will be no charge for our service. However, our underwriting process is extremely thorough; and in fact, we have never been denied by any of our partner insurers.

So what is our role? Our role is to perform a foreclosure due process certification and curative work. We perform the same investigations an attorney would perform in a quiet title action, but we save you money by handling the entire process in house.

We are currently recognized in 26 states, and are able to work with investors in other states on a case-by-case basis. If you are holding onto properties that need title curative services, contact us by phone today at (949) 798-1180 for more details about our foreclosure due process review and title curative services.