In his final budget address, Mayor Nutter proposed raising property taxes by 9.3 percent to help fix the schools. The administration has launched an interactive tool that shows where taxpayer money is going:

Here are five more in Nutter’s big investments:

Safe Buildings: Pump an extra $5.5 million into the Department of Licenses & Inspections this coming year to ensure buildings around the city are safe, then another $9.7 million in FY 2017 and $10.8 million the following year.

Protect Police: Spend $3.6 million for Police Department body cameras, bulletproof vests and other equipment, and enough money to pay for 6,525 officers.

Tax Collection: Buy $540,000 worth of new technology to improve delinquent tax collection. Nutter estimates that this coming year an additional $5.7 million will be collected in overdue taxes. The city has about $1.2 billion in uncollected delinquent tax revenue.

Job Creation: Fuel the Department of Parks & Recreation with $4 million to expand its summer jobs program for young people.

Big Wheels: Replace fire trucks, trash compactors and other large city vehicle- for $15 million. The new compactors are supposed to pick up trash faster.- Claudia Vargas