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Get Started with Tax Title Services

For over 16 years, Tax Title Services, Inc. has offered tax deed title insurance without the need for the cumbersome, often expensive Quiet Title Action. Our proprietary process allows tax deed investors to obtain title insurance quickly and easily. Investors can now sell their tax deed or refinance their property!

Wondering where you can get help with tax title services “near me”? Our certification is accepted by most title insurance companies in over 20 states! See the full list of states and price schedule here.

Get marketable title for your tax deed with one low set price when you choose the Tax Title Services quiet title alternative!


Step 1

Place your order.

Step 2

TTS qualifies your tax deed for title insurance.

Step 3

Sell the property with marketable title or refinance through a traditional loan!


The Tax Title Services Process is Simple:

1. CLICK HERE to access our online order form, or print out the PDF form and mail it

2. Send us a copy of your tax deed or an auction purchase receipt with our order form and pay a $750 deposit right on line through our website.

3. Typically we can certify a tax lien/deed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Once our process is complete and we are ready certify your title, we send you our review results with the invoice advising you that your property is ready for title insurance. Upon payment of our invoice, we can obtain a title policy from the title underwriter.

When you have marketed the property and have a buyer under contract, we will coordinate and send the original certification and insurable title search to the title underwriter’s direct local office or their title agents closing office on your behalf. You will also be given the contact information for that office for you or your Realtor to deliver the original purchase agreement and any earnest money deposit.

ERRORS and CURES: Should there be any errors with your tax lien/deed or cures required, we will advise you of any delays and begin the additional steps necessary to certify your property. Only a small percentage (usually less than 5%) of all files we review result in additional curative steps.

Should we find that your property cannot be certified or cured, you may use the work we did to assist your attorney in obtaining a quiet title. In that situation, you will only be charged for the review fee and title search fee. We will then send the insurable title search to your quiet title attorney which he or she may use to conduct the quiet title action.

To date, for those files we have not certified, we have either cured or obtained a buy-back or workout settlement from an affected tax sale party for the tax deed holder, which is the same result if you conducted a quiet title action, but still faster and cheaper.

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