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The Tax Title Process

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Tax Title Services vs. Tax Sale Attorneys

In order to obtain insurable title for a tax deed you have 2 choices:

1. Hire an attorney to perform a quiet title action whereby the court validates the tax sale, or…

2. Use the Tax Title Services certification service, which is nationally known and accepted by our partner underwriters in lieu of a quiet title action.

Tax Deed Lawyers

Tax Deed lawyers specialize in helping investors perform what’s known as a “quiet title action” on their tax sale properties.

At present, it is extremely difficult to obtain title insurance on properties obtained from defaulted tax liens without a court foreclosure action. In certain jurisdictions, tax lien investors spend significant time and money pursuing judicial quiet title actions in order to obtain title insurance on tax-deeded properties.  If you go with a quiet title action using a tax deed lawyer, you can expect the following:

  1. Close in 3-12 months depending on the case complexity
  2. Thousands of dollars in legal fees
  3. Complex process

Tax Title Services Certification Process

With our services, investors can experience HUGE financial benefits by eliminating the need for quiet title actions and the ability to obtain title insurance without court-related delays.  If you decide to go with the Tax Title Services certification, you can expect the following:

  1. Close in 4-6 Weeks
  2. A fraction of the cost of a quiet title action with attorney
  3. Accepted by nationally recognized title agent partners


Ready to get started? Learn more about the Tax Title Services quiet title alternative!

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