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By: Admin | On: January 4, 2024 | Category: Blog Posts |

Title certification for tax deed properties

When venturing into the world of real estate empire-building through county tax deed sales, one must be prepared to tackle a unique set of obstacles. These tax deed properties are […]

By: Admin | On: September 30, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Missouri Collector’s Deed for Lucrative Delinquent Property Tax Sales

Discover the unique opportunity that Missouri offers to real estate investors with its tax lien and tax deed sales. Dive into the enigmatic world of the Missouri Collector’s Deed, a […]

By: Admin | On: September 7, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Michigan Tax Deed Sales: The Opportunity for Investors

Schedule for Tax Deed Sales in Michigan Tax Deed Sales in Michigan typically occur in August and September every year.  Investors will want to mark their calendars for late summer […]

By: Admin | On: September 6, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Pennsylvania Upset Sales: What it is and when they happen

As a real estate investor looking to get involved in Pennsylvania upset tax sales, it’s essential to understand the ins and outs of tax deed sales. This knowledge can help […]

By: Admin | On: August 25, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Pennsylvania Tax Deed Sales: Everything you need to know

Discover the inside scoop on property tax sales in Pennsylvania! From the highly-anticipated PA Upset Sale to the intriguing Judicial Sale and the unique repository bid process, this blog provides […]

By: Admin | On: August 6, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Everything you need to know about Arkansas Tax Deed Sales

Summertime has arrived in the southeast, bringing with it scorching temperatures and the highly anticipated tax sales in the state of Arkansas, which are set to kick off in July. […]

By: Admin | On: May 10, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Redemption Period for Tax Deed Sales in California

The tax deed auction season is upon us here in CA. With that, the phones here at Tax Title Services are ringing non-stop with questions from investors about what you […]

By: Admin | On: May 6, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

Does a tax deed sale wipe out a mortgage? What you need to know

Do you ever wonder about the fate of mortgage loans during a tax deed sale? For those who are considering buying or selling property by way of tax deed, it […]

By: Admin | On: May 6, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

The benefits of building a house on your tax deed sale land

Watch out BRRRR, the B2R business model is fastly taking the residential real estate market by storm. The extreme housing shortage plaquing the US has forced many investors outside of […]

By: Admin | On: March 14, 2023 | Category: Blog Posts |

What liens survive a Pennsylvania Tax Deed Sale?

Pennsylvania has fastly become one of the hottest markets for investors. With Philadelphia being one of the largest cities in the country and Pittsburgh ranking as one of the most […]

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