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On: Feb 13 2020 | Category: Blog Posts

Bidding at a Florida tax deed sale? Read this first.

When buying tax deeds in the State of Florida–research is the key to everything. I’m not just talking about knowing when the sale is, and what properties are available. You […]

On: Sep 13 2019 | Category: Blog Posts

What Can I Do With a Tax Deed?

While it may seem like a complicated process, tax deed investing can be a lucrative option for someone willing to take on the challenge. Investing in tax deeds is a […]

On: Jul 30 2019 | Category: Blog Posts

Why Is Title Insurance So Important?

Title insurance can be confusing, long-winded, and generally unexpected during the property purchasing process. It’s usually a fee that sneaks by you and leaves you wondering, “How’d that get in […]

On: Jul 30 2019 | Category: Blog Posts

Can a House Be Sold Without Clearing the Title?

Buying and selling a new home is tough on a fundamental level. Understanding title insurance and why you need it can easily be an additional stressor to your real estate […]

On: May 23 2019 | Category: Blog Posts

How Does a Property Tax Sale Work?

Investing in real estate through county auctions can be extremely lucrative if the right property is purchased. Property tax sales are a great way for real estate investors to collect […]

On: May 20 2019 | Category: Blog Posts

Quiet Title Action vs. Tax Title Services: What’s the Difference?

Real estate investors know how important it is to verify a property’s title and confirm that it is free from any defects. While thoroughly researching the title on properties being […]

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