Title insurance can be confusing, long-winded, and generally unexpected during the property purchasing process. It’s usually a fee that sneaks by you and leaves you wondering, “How’d that get in there?” when looking at your loan closing paperwork. Despite the mystique, title insurance is actually essential in the acquisition and selling process of a new piece of property. It’s what protects and insures against financial loss caused by the ownership of a property. In today’s blog, the financial experts at Title Tax Services are here to explain all of the top issues people face with title insurance and the benefits that come with having it in the first place!

Top Issues With Title Insurance

There’s a number of problems that can pop up when handling title insurance. Here are some of the most common ones you may face:

  1. Human errors in public records. We all know how easy it is to make a mistake on paper, and while we often hope these errors don’t occur in important documents like property deeds, sometimes it’s just inevitable. A typo or misplaced piece of information may change the entire legality of your new property’s deed and cost a lot of money to correct. Title insurance protects against human error when purchasing and selling your property.
  2. The deed you bought was illegal. Big oops. Not your fault. Still, sometimes deeds are put together by undocumented immigrants, someone underage, or someone who does not fit the demographics indicated in their legal documents. If you discover that your deed was illegally written, title insurance will protect you from legal charges and help you get a legal deed instead.
  3. Someone impersonated the previous owner. How were you to know? It’s pretty easy these days to tack on a name and “impersonate” a person who owns something they actually do not. If you bought a home from an impersonated owner, that may jeopardize your legal rights to your land.
  4. Unclear property boundaries. If you’re buying a plot of land surrounded by a lot of other plots of land, some people may have a heavier hand when drawing boundary lines than you do. If a neighbor claims they own a piece of your property due to a survey dispute, title insurance would be able to protect your rights.

Title Insurance Protects You From the Unexpected

Buying and selling a piece of property is a huge deal. You want to make sure the property is safe, the right size, and equipped to perform in the way you need it to. But before any of these things can happen, you need to protect your property from obstacles that may have occurred before or while you were purchasing your property in the first place. To make sure your property is protected against all of the problems you’d never expect, be sure to get title insurance.

Luckily, Tax Title Services is a leading provider of title insurance to all property owners who need it. Don’t wait through the lengthy quiet title action process, and instead let the experts at Tax Title Services help you. We have an easy three-step process that will help you ensure that your home is protected from any challenges or potential losses if a claim is filed against your property.

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