Real estate investors know how important it is to ensure a property’s title is free from any defects. While thoroughly researching the title on properties being sold at county auction will help you avoid making bad investments, there is still significant risk involved in such transactions. It’s important to understand what options are available to you in order to clear the title and protect it with the right title insurance.

There are two ways investors can clear the title to their property: quiet title action and title curative consultants. Each process is different and involves varying monetary and time commitments. Understanding both options will help you invest more wisely in real estate.

Filing Action to Quiet Title

When you’ve purchased a tax deed property, one way to clear the title is by filing an action to quiet title. Essentially, this is a lawsuit that is used to settle rights to ownership of real property. If done correctly, the lawsuit will effectively eliminate anyone having a claim to the title. The owner will win the case, and no future claims can be made against the title.

While seemingly simple, filing an action to quiet title is a complex process that involves thousands of dollars in litigation fees. Moreover, depending on how many claims exist against the title, the lawsuit can last anywhere from a few months to over a year. The longer the action to quiet title takes, the longer you’ll have to wait to formally close on the property and purchase title insurance to protect your assets.

Title Certification with Tax Title Services

A less expensive, speedier process exists through the title curative consultants at Tax Title Services (TTS). Working with curative consultants like those at TTS, real estate investors can prove ownership and purchase title insurance much quicker. Our team will carefully review your title’s history, verifying that all steps of tax lien foreclosure due process were completed correctly.

After certifying the accuracy and completeness of foreclosure due process, TTS consultants will find a nationally recognized title insurance underwriter near you. The entire process takes 25 to 45 days and costs a one-time fee, keeping you free from unexpected litigation fees and speeding up the time it takes for you to close on and cover your investment.

Tax Title Services for Your Property’s Title

TTS provides an extensive and comprehensive certification process, touting over 33,000 tax deeds certified for title insurance. Our team of expert consultants have the skills and knowledge necessary to get your title cleared and covered in no time. With a one-time service fee, quicker certification time, and proven process, TTS will have your assets protected an in your name in as little as four weeks.

Contact our team to start your tax deed certification process today!