Purchasing property at a county auction is a great way for investors to find amazing deals on desirable real estate. Sometimes, however, even the best deal can come with a slew of underlying issues—especially when it comes to the property’s title.

After investing in a tax deed property, it’s your responsibility to clear the title and transfer your interest into your name. Doing so can cost thousands of dollars and can take months for the court system to resolve. The best way to save both time and money is by working with a tax title curative consultant.

Curative Consultants vs. Title Insurance Underwriters

Tax title curative consultants are different from title insurance underwriters. An insurance underwriter simply issues the title insurance for your property after the title has already been cleared and transferred to your name. A title insurance underwriter can only provide you with coverage after the cloud has been lifted from the property’s title.

Curative consultants, however, work with real estate investors to trace the title’s history and authenticate the tax lien foreclosure due process. These consultants carefully go through the title’s complete history, ensuring there are no blemishes that could potentially result in unwanted lawsuits down the road. Once the tax lien foreclosure due process has been substantiated, your curative consultant will match you with a title insurance underwriter to protect your assets.

While curative consultants cannot provide you with title insurance or assist with closing processes, the certification services they provide can make obtaining coverage for your assets much easier and less expensive. The curative consultants at Tax Title Services (TTS) conduct a comprehensive certification process to help make real estate investing easier for everyone involved.

Certification Through Tax Title Services

When purchasing tax deed properties through county auction, there are two ways investors can choose to clear the property’s title. One method is to file an action to quiet title — a lengthy legal process that can take more than nine months and cost thousands of dollars in litigation fees. The other method is to use a tax title curative consultant certification process.

At TTS, title curative specialists take time to review the title’s history, certifying that foreclosure due process is both accurate and complete. Once this has been authenticated, our consultants will find you a local, nationally recognized tax title insurance underwriter to get the necessary coverage. The entire process is completed within 25 to 45 days compared to the nine-month action to quiet title. Additionally, investors pay a flat fee for the service rather than paying for unexpected litigation fees at the courthouse.

Curative Consultants for Your Real Estate Investment

If you’ve recently purchased a tax deed property, the best way to protect your investment is by choosing the tax title curative consultants at TTS. With our unique certification process, your property’s title will be clear and in your name with the appropriate coverage in no time. Don’t overpay at the courthouse: Contact TTS to begin the certification process for your property today.