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2024 California Tax Deed Sales Property List (All Counties)

Enter your details to get the full  list of available properties for upcoming California Tax Deed Sales.  List includes San Diego, LA County, Riverside, Fresno and other major auctions.  There is no redemption period for tax deed sales in California. 

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Download Includes:

  • Complete List of Available properties for major California county tax deed sales including:
    • Los Angeles Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • San Diego Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Riverside Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • San Bernardino Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Santa Clara Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Alameda Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Sacramento Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Fresno Tax Deed Sale Properties
    • Humboldt Tax Deed Sale Properties
  • Common Issues You’ll Want to Avoid After Your Purchase
  • A Special $400 Offer from Tax Title Services to help you clear the title on your property
  • Exclusive access to our insiders newsletter with lists of upcoming tax sales throughout the year

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