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Have you recently purchased a tax deed property? As a tax deed investor, you likely know the pitfalls of attempting to obtain title insurance on a property acquired through a tax deed sale. The traditional process of bringing an action to quiet title is lengthy, expensive, and frustrating for many investors. The process can take anywhere from six months to three years and cost upwards of $3,500.

How Is Tax Title Services Different?

Tax Title Services is the trusted source and industry expert in qualifying California properties acquired through tax deed sale for title insurance. Our fee for California tax deed properties is $2,350 and our process takes just four to six weeks (weeks, not months!). We have qualified over 30,000 properties for title insurance, helping investors maximize their potential profit and minimize negative financial responsibilities.

Save time and money by avoiding a quiet title action. Start the certification process now!

What Is Title Insurance & Why Do I Need It?

Title insurance is a form of indemnity insurance that insures against financial loss from defects in title to real property. Although your tax deed investment was issued by the county, which extinguishes many encumbrances against title, a tax deed does not offer warranties against title. This means you have no protection of challenges against title, which could result in a financial loss if the sale is overturned or a claim is filed against the title to the property.

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Are You a Title Company?

No. We are Tax Title Curative Consultants only. Our professionals perform certification reviews and curative work completely in house. We then coordinate our service with local title agent vendors who are partnered with our program title underwriters. We will partner you with a nationally recognized title insurance underwriter who can provide you with title insurance, whether for an owner’s policy, resale, or refinance.

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Certify Your California Tax Deed Property for Title Insurance in 4-6 Weeks!

We are the industry leader for quiet title action alternatives. TTS is based in Tustin, California and serves tax deed investors throughout the state. You can interact with us online or visit our office in Tustin to get started!

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