HICKORY, N.C. – One business owes more than $100,000 in taxes to Catawba County going back to 2010, and 11 property owners owe at least $20,000 in unpaid 2014 property taxes, according to county records.Catawba County published a list of 6,446 delinquent 2014 tax bills totaling $3.8 million in unpaid taxes in Wednesday’s Hickory Daily Record. Those bills were due Sept. 1.

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One of the property owners – Yount Apartments LLC – last paid property taxes in 2010 and owes 104,602.86 in taxes to Catawba County. In 2014 alone, the business had 11 tax bills worth a combined $21,927.16.The 11 property owners – nine business and two individuals – that top the list in delinquent property taxes together owe $286,428.65, or about 7.5 percent of the total owed, while making up less than a quarter of a percent of the close to 4,500 who owe 2014 property taxes.

Here is the full list: Catawba Station LLC owes $37,934.93 on six unpaid 2014 tax bills.Delta Consolidated Corp owes $34,771.80 on four unpaid 2014 tax bills.HDD Realty LLC owes $30,162.62 on one unpaid 2014 tax bill.Lake Hickory Plaza Inc. owes $28,186.17 on one unpaid 2014 tax bill.Marketplace Church owes $24,957.78 on three unpaid 2014 tax bills.Hickory Hollow LLC owes $24,900.43 on 177 unpaid 2014 tax bills.Michael R. Bumgarner owes $22,619.01 on 39 unpaid 2014 tax bills.Yount Apartments LLC owes $21,927.16 on 11 unpaid 2014 tax bills.C.C. Mauser LLC owes $20,689.51 on two unpaid 2014 tax bills.Heritage LLC owes $20,257.95 on 12 unpaid 2014 tax bills.Menzie Randall Morrison Jr. owes $20,021.29 on one unpaid 2014 tax bill.

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