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  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high level of services that you have provided our company since 2009. When we first go into the business of buying tax deeds our biggest hurdle was “How do we clear title?” At first we were going through the court systems filing quiet title suits on each properly that we acquired, however the average time for that process was well over six months.

    When our transaction volume reached over a 1000 properties quiet title was a longer an option as we would be losing millions of dollars due to time lost and court fees. Fortunately for us we met Bob Shakman of Tax Title Services and after hearing what his company was able to provide we immediately started using their services. Within weeks of connecting with Tax Title Services we were able to clear title and sell numerous properties which would have taken us months in the past.

    Our experience using Tax Title Services has been nothing short of extraordinary and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the industry as simply put they are the best at what they do and there is no other way to clear title as fast as they can.

    Thank you Bob and team for all you do for us and for helping us grow into the leading real estate company in the Metro Detroit region.”

    David Makki, Partner / Broker
  • “I would like to thank Tax Title Services for clearing the title for me on a property my partner and I bought at the San Bernardino County tax sale. When we realized we did not want to keep the property we listed it for sale. We thought that because we were going to sell it to an investor as is and cash only that we were not going to need to worry about the title. At the last minute the buyer requested a title policy and refused to close without it. I talked with Mr Mulvihill and he stated they could do an expedite search and clearance and he would able to get us insurance within 30 days. I paid the initial deposit and in 30 days we had title insurance and were able to close… TTS came through for me and I would recommend them to any other tax sale purchasers”


    David G.,
  • “I have been using Tax Title Services for all of our tax deed properties for over 7 years now. Their process is fast, clean, affordable and reliable. The team members at TTS are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with in every regard. We initially used a combination of both the quiet title process and the TTS process, depending on the property, until we ran into an instance of being refused title insurance after paying thousands and waiting months for a quiet title action to be completed. Ironically enough, the attorney who had completed the quiet title action which was refused title insurance recommended that we look into Tax Title Services as an alternative to quiet actions; TTS has been my exclusive Go To ever since! I highly recommend them for REO’s that need to have title perfected.”

    Misty A. Lages, REO Manager
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