While Louisiana’s tax deed market has improved in recent years with the introduction of Act 819, tax lien sales in the Pelican State are still a major source of frustration for investors. Endless interest penalties, antiquated auctioning processes, and extremely slow rates of redemption are just some of the things that make tax deed investing in Louisiana a challenging process.

Even after the three-year redemption period is over, you still may need to take action to quiet title. This takes anywhere between three and nine months and could cost up to $4,000. By choosing to work with the tax title curative consultants at Tax Title Services (TTS), you’ll cut the cost and waiting period in half so you can get back to business.

Save time and money by avoiding a quiet title action. Start the certification process now!

What Is TTS?

TTS is a curative consultation service with a certification process designed to bypass the need for quiet title action. With our certification, the completeness and accuracy of tax lien foreclosure due process is verified by our team of curative consultants and partner underwriters.

We handle any issues with due process that may arise, which not only eliminates the need for quiet title action but also removes the need to wait out the statute of limitations around your newly purchased tax deed property. Our certification will ensure there is no cloud on the title to your tax deed property and will provide you with the title insurance you need to protect your investment.

Is Title Insurance Required?

Buyers are responsible for the purchase of title insurance in Louisiana. There are two types of title insurance: owner’s and lender’s. You are not required to purchase owner’s title insurance in Louisiana; however, doing so has huge advantages. Having title insurance will protect you against any claims to title on your tax deed property, and the policy will be issued for the amount that you paid for the property. As long as you own an interest in the property, your title insurance will protect your investment.

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How Can I Get Started with TTS?

Because our tax title process is so fast and efficient, we’re able to pass the cost savings on to you in the form of a flat rate fee for properties under $200,000. Our fee for Louisiana tax deed properties is $2,350. TTS has the following service areas in Louisiana:

  • Alexandria
  • Baton Rouge
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • New Orleans
  • Shreveport

Don’t let slow redemption rates or a quiet title action stand in the way of the title to your investments. Eliminate long wait times and high court costs with our proven certification process and have your assets protected in as little as four weeks. Your journey to painless tax deed investing begins with us!

Reach out to one of our consultants today to see if you qualify for our certification in Louisiana.