Leading Miami foreclosure defense attorney, Graham Legal, P.A. is officially extending their law practice to include foreclosure sale surplus and tax deed sale surplus. Recently those looking for a foreclosure sale title attorney and/or tax deed attorney have sought Graham Legal, P.A. for their extensive experience in handling foreclosures.

“While we didn’t initially think of going in this direction, it just makes sense,” says Dillon Graham owner of Graham Legal P.A. “We are helping foreclosure investors ensure their properties are free and clear and helping to get those properties back on the market and recover surplus money due.”

While tax deed sale surplus and foreclosure sale surplus are lucrative, there is plenty of risk involved. Those investors understand the significance of hiring a foreclosure sale title attorney or a tax deed attorney to aid in their transactions. Graham Legal P.A. is helping to bridge the gap between those two specialties by offering assistance with both. This helps investors make the most of their foreclosures and tax deed purchases.

“Our goal is to protect the interest of the investors and help them achieve the most return on their investments,” says Dillon Graham. “Our foreclosure defense experience makes this a perfect direction for us to expand to.”

As foreclosure defense experts the Graham Legal P.A. team possess a wide range of expertise that are essential in representing buyers of foreclosure sales. Traditionally this has fallen into the realm of real estate law, but with the changing needs of South Floridians it is only natural that experienced foreclosure attorneys take the lead in assisting foreclosure sale buyers and tax deed sale buyers.

At Graham Legal, P.A. the attorneys are very familiar with working with foreclosed property. They don’t only help investors once the purchase has been made, but they also provide pre-purchase services including: title search, and advice on price negotiations. They will review legal documents and make recommendations that will protect the buyer’s interest during the sale process. During the transaction it is possible that there will be additional help needed and guidance on problems with the seller, owner, property or lender.

About Graham Legal, P.A.:

Graham Legal, P.A. has spent the last eight years protecting the rights of homeowners who have been wronged by mortgage lenders that refuse to provide the borrowers with viable solutions. They are also protecting investors who wish to invest in foreclosed properties.

The law firm exclusively dedicates their law practice to helping people by defending their homes from foreclosure or by helping them to recover damages for a personal injury. Their philosophy is that the rights of individuals deserve to be protected. They fight on behalf of homeowners who have been wronged and individuals who have fallen victim of the negligence of others. For those looking to schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation please visit the website, http://grahamlegalpa.com