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Quiet Title Alternative for Tax Deed Investors in Pennsylvania

Tax Deed investors save nearly $3k on average when they use Tax Title Services as opposed to seeking a quiet title judgment.

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On the surface, Pennsylvania tax sale properties seem like a great investment.

Outside of Philadelphia, there is no true “redemption” period for both Judicial and Upset tax sales. Although there is no redemption period, most title companies will not insure tax sale properties for a minimum of 2-3 yrs after the tax sale without a quiet title action being completed.

This places burdensome limitations on what you can actually do with your tax sale property because you cannot obtain title insurance.

Historically, an action to quiet title through the court system has been the only way to obtain title insurance for tax sale properties directly after a Pennsylvania tax sale.

With the average cost of a quiet title action being in excess of $4,500 and taking a minimum of 6 months to complete, a quiet title action may not be the best strategy for your investing.

Tax Title Services can qualify your tax deed property for title insurance in 30-40 days and at a fraction of the cost of a quiet title action.

Our Certification process is accepted by many title companies in lieu of a quiet title action in Pennsylvania .

We have been in business for over 20 years and certified 40,000+ tax sale properties for title insurance nationwide.

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