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The Tax Title Services Alternative to Quiet Title Actions

When the chain of title on a property is broken, real estate investors are tasked with resolving the cloud on the title to ensure their interests are secure and in their name. Many times, this involves an action to quiet title, a lawsuit filed against anyone laying claim to your property to ensure that you are the sole title owner and mend the broken chain.

An action to quiet title can take anywhere from six months to over a year to dispute and can cost more than $5,000 in some cases. How can investors avoid this long, expensive process while still ensuring their property title is intact? Luckily, there are other ways to secure your title without a quiet title action, and Tax Title Services (TTS) offers an exceptional, cost-efficient alternative that makes securing your investments a breeze.

Quitclaim Deed

A quitclaim deed, also sometimes called a “quick claim” deed, is a quick and inexpensive alternative to quiet title that involves giving one’s interest to another party. It’s different than a quiet title because a quiet title aims to remove the other party from your interest altogether, while a quitclaim is like a kind of real estate gift-giving that legally allows one party to give away their property to another.

With this option, a real estate attorney will put together a quitclaim deed, which is then signed in front of a notary by the party no longer claiming rights to the property. Once the real estate lawyer has the completed forms, he or she can then file the deed with the county land records, effectively resolving the cloud of the title. While quitclaims take less time and money, TTS’s certification process will save you even more when you contact one of our tax title curative consultants today.

Probate Attorneys

In the case of a deceased person’s property, you may need to hire a probate attorney to settle interest claims. For example, if a family member dies with a property deed in his or her name only, surviving family will need to probate the property through the judicial system. In other cases, even if you thought you owned joint property with the deceased, you may only have tenancy in common, which negates the right to survivorship. You’ll need to probate the property in both instances through court.

This process takes months to settle, and even after the courts have reached a decision, it can take up to eight months for beneficiaries to receive their payout. When you choose TTS, you’ll have a much faster, less expensive experience to help ensure your title is secure and in your name.

Tax Title Services Certification

TTS’s exclusive, in-house certification program bypasses the need for a quiet title action by verifying the completeness and accuracy of the tax lien foreclosure due process. Working with nationally recognized title insurance underwriters and title agent vendors, we’ll match you with the professionals you need to secure your interests under your name and protect them with the most comprehensive insurance available.

Rather than spending months—or even years—paying insurmountable legal fees to quiet title, TTS will resolve the title cloud in as little as four weeks at one set fee. Find out how TTS can help secure your property title by contacting one of our consultants today. Stop worrying about claims to your interests and start enjoying your investments sooner by choosing TTS as your tax title curative consultants.

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