The tax deed auction season is upon us here in CA. With that, the phones here at Tax Title Services are ringing non-stop with questions from investors about what you can and can’t do with a tax deed property after you are the successful bidder. Regardless of if the investor is seasoned or a rookie, we are consistently asked “What can I do during the 1-yr redemption period with my California Tax Deed?” This question drives us crazy! We instantly need to stop the potential client from saying anything further because there is NO REDEMPTION PERIOD for CALIFORNIA TAX DEEDS. Whoever is spreading this information is costing investors a lot of money!

A redemption period means that an affected party of the tax sale can just go pay their taxes and take the property back. That is absolutely NOT the case for properties sold through tax deed sale in California. California tax deeds do have a 1-yr challenge period where an affected party could petition the court to overturn the sale. This rarely happens and it is even rarer that the challenge is successful. Over our 20-yrs and 10k+ California Tax deeds certified for title insurance; we can count the number of successful challenges on 1 hand.

As soon as you win your tax deed auction, contact us immediately! Not only can you contact us directly after you win your tax deed and within the 1st yr of ownership, but we can also begin our work before your tax deed is recorded.

Don’t waste any more time with misinformation. Buy your tax deed and contact us immediately!

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