Investing in tax deed properties offers investors a reasonable alternative to investing in bank foreclosures. Tax Title Services aids investors who purchase properties through tax deed auctions by offering a quicker and less expensive alternative to quiet title action.

Bank foreclosures often carry a high price tag because of the number of loans against them. This can limit an investor’s potential profit when purchasing foreclosed properties. In many counties, properties with back taxes are sold at auction, with the starting bid being little more than the amount of taxes owed. Often, this becomes a more viable investment option. This sale process varies from state to state. In some of the states that allow this type of auction, the investor has to hold onto the tax deed properties for a period of time.

During that time, the original owner has the right to redeem the property by paying the tax deed investor all back taxes with interest and fees. After the redemption period, the deed to the home is given to the investor. In other states, the auctions sell the home without the option of redemption. Either way, in a market where there are not many investors bidding for the same properties, this can yield an excellent profit. However, when the investors do eventually receive the right to possess the tax deed certificate, they may encounter a problem when they try to purchase title insurance. Tax deed properties can carry a high risk of having multiple clouds on the title, and as such potential insurers often are leery to offer coverage. If you face this problem, Tax Title Services can help by investigating the foreclosure process thoroughly and offering property certification in as little as 6 weeks. Call us today to discuss your needs at (949) 798-1180