Sales of tax deeds represent an excellent way to invest in real estate, sometimes costing investors just a fraction of the property’s value. Investors however may find themselves in a bind when resell ling the property when they learn that the title isn’t eligible for title insurance.

Tax Title Services has a certification process that can make reselling tax deed properties smooth and worry-free by giving the seller confidence to say the foreclosure process was accurately and thoroughly researched. When a property owner is unable or unwilling to pay the required real estate taxes on a property, the government entity responsible for collecting those taxes will take action to collect what is owed. In about half of the states, this process is finalized through a tax deed sale, in which the county or other government entity sells the property.

The minimum bid on these properties is typically the amount of back taxes plus interest, which for some investors represents an excellent profit opportunity. If you have purchased a home through a tax deed sale, you may find that purchasing title insurance is quite difficult. Often, these properties do not have a clear title. Without title insurance, it is difficult to resell the property and maximize your profit. Going to court for a quiet title action provides one solution, but this process is costly and time consuming. Tax Title Services offers a workable alternative for properties purchased via sales involving tax deeds. In just six to eight weeks, we will perform all of the investigation and necessary processes. Our Process Certification is acceptable to our partner title insurers, leaving you free to market your property to a larger pool of buyers and maximize your investment. Call us today at (949) 798-1180 to learn more about our services