Investors who are interested in property auctions have several options to consider, and tax lien sales are one of these options. At Tax Title Services, we can help you to qualify for title insurance w when you are ready to resell the property.

A tax lien is different from a tax deed sale. In this type of sale, the property itself is not sold at the beginning of the process. Instead, the liens are sold at auction and the winning bidder does not actually hold the deed, but rather the ability to collect the back taxes with interest. If the owner decides to pay back the taxes, the investor earns income on the interest paid, provided the winning bid amount is close to what was owed on the property. Often, however, the delinquent taxes are never paid. When this happens, the investor can begin foreclosure after a period of time set by the county or state where the property is located. The next step is to sell the property to make a return on investment. Because of the nature of these tax sale properties, obtaining title insurance is often difficult.

At this point Tax Title Services can help. Our process investigates the county’s foreclosure of the property. Our certificate is all the proof our partner underwriters require to issue title insurance. A tax lien property can be a high-yield investment, if you can find the right bargains. Going to court to clear the title can exhaust much of your potential profit. With our help, you can avoid exorbitant court costs. Contact us today at (949) 798-1180 to learn more about how we can help you with your investment properties.

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