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Vacant Land Pricing

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Vacant land pricing

Land Value Less Than $25K

$ 1450

*Call us for special pricing on land valued less than $10,000

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Why Choose Tax Title Services?

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Most Competitive Price in the Industry

Save thousands when compared to a Quiet Title Action alternative

Quick Turnaround

Our average turn around is 4 -5 weeks with rush service available for an extra fee

National Coverage

Available in 30+ states

Over 20 Years of Experience

Over 45,000 tax deeds certified for title insurance

Asset Protection

Protect your valuable investments

Increase Property Value

Dramatically increase your property value and qualify it for a conventional loan

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and their answers, all gathered in one place.

Tell me about Tax Title Services

At Tax Title Services, our primary objective is to qualify tax deed properties for title insurance and preventing the requirement of a quiet title judgment by our partner underwriters. We’ve been providing our nationally recognized foreclosure due process certifications on behalf of our clients since 2000. We are not a title company, however, our partner underwriters will provide title insurance on your transaction based on our successful certification, thus allowing your property to be sold or refinanced. We are the thorough, fast, and inexpensive alternative to quiet title actions.

What is the foreclosure due process certification?

The Tax Title Services foreclosure due process certification is our exclusive in-house process of certifying the completeness and accuracy of the tax lien foreclosure due process (statutory foreclosure requirements) and in-depth risk assessment. We address all applicable due process issues that may arise, thus eliminating the need for the current industry practice of quiet title action or waiting out the statute of limitation periods. Our professionals work diligently to satisfy the industry standard Schedule B title requirement to resolve your tax deed issue. Our certification is accepted in lieu of the requirement for obtaining a quiet title judgment which can become quite expensive and time-consuming. We perform our service completely in-house for fast, accurate, and inexpensive results. Learn more about how to get started.

*Please note that we offer an in-house underwriting process only. This is not an insurance product, and we are not a title company. Our process is recognized only by our partner program title underwriters in a similar manner as a quiet title action.

Is obtaining title insurance for tax deeds important?

Yes, you should always obtain title insurance for tax deed properties. Now that you’ve acquired a real estate asset, protect it! Title insurance is a recommended option for all real estate you may own but especially on tax-foreclosed properties (tax deeds). A tax-foreclosed property poses an increased risk of challenge and you will find that title companies will not offer to insure your property prior to obtaining a quiet title judgment or TTS certification. In addition, obtaining a title insurance policy will increase the interest of prospective buyers and will be required if you are considering selling or refinancing. With title insurance, any qualified buyer can obtain a loan and purchase your property at full market value. This means more cash in your pocket! And if your intention is to keep the property as a long-term asset, you will find that the cost associated with obtaining an Owner’s Policy is well worth the comfort and protection it will provide.

How long does the TTS Certification Process take?

Upon receipt of your order, the average turnaround time for our certification process is approximately 25-45 days!

*If you need quicker service, you may purchase our Expedited Service for an additional $400. By electing for Expedited Service, TTS will prioritize your file and GUARANTEE a turnaround of 30 days or less. If circumstances do not allow for us to meet this timeframe, the Expedited Service Fee will be waived and the $400 will be applied to any remaining balance due.

Are you the title company for title insurance and closing?

No—we are not a title company. We are tax title curative consultants only. Our professionals perform certification reviews and curative work completely in-house. We then coordinate our service with local title agent vendors who are partnered with our program title underwriters. We will partner you with a nationally recognized title insurance underwriter who can provide you title insurance whether it be for an Owner’s Policy, resale, or refinance.

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