Purchasing tax deed property through a foreclosure sale can mean trouble for Washington real estate investors seeking to insure their interests. This is due to the fact that a property’s chain of title suffers significant damage during foreclosure, making it difficult to obtain title insurance.

Tax Title Services (TTS) offers a comprehensive certification process that removes unwanted blemishes on your title, allowing you to easily obtain title insurance through one of our nationally recognized title insurance underwriters.

Contact the tax title curative consultants at TTS today to find out more about our unique certification.

Tax Deed Properties in Washington

When Washington residents fail to pay property taxes, the government files a tax deed to take ownership of the property. Afterward, the government can sell the property in an auction to collect the delinquent taxes from the new property owner. From there, investors can either purchase the property outright or use a lender to finance the property. In either case, it’s a good idea for you as the new property owner to get title insurance to ensure the property remains free from third-party claims to your interests.

TTS works directly with reputable title insurance agencies throughout the nation so you have peace of mind knowing your title has the best coverage available. Contact us for a free consultation today and find out what title insurance agents exist in your area.

Title Insurance in Washington

Washington state requires its residents to purchase a lender’s title insurance policy for properties financed through loan entities. Owner’s title insurance is not required but is strongly recommended—especially in the case of tax deed property transactions. Such transactions involve titles whose chain has been broken or severely damaged, making getting title insurance extremely difficult.

In order to resolve this issue, residents can file an action to quiet title and alleviate existing and future third-party claims to their property. Quiet title actions can take up to a year and cost more than $5,000 in courtroom and legal fees. For a cost-efficient and quick alternative to quiet title action, TTS provides a certification process that bypasses the need for a quiet title suit so you can obtain title insurance on your property in as little as four weeks.

TTS’s team of tax title curative consultants works to certify the accuracy and completeness of tax lien foreclosure due process, eliminating the need for quiet title actions. After successfully certifying that tax lien foreclosure due process requirements have been met, our team will match you to a nationally recognized title insurance underwriter to get the coverage you need. Not only is this process quicker than an action to quiet title, but it’s also less expensive. We offer Washington residents with properties valued at $200,000 or lower a flat rate service fee of $2,350—no additional hidden fees attached!

Tax Title Services in Washington

TTS services all of Washington state, including Seattle and Tacoma. Your title troubles will be over after you contact the tax title curative consultants at TTS. Get your property title insured and in your name in as little as four weeks when you choose TTS to assist with your tax deed property purchase. Get started today!