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Tax Title Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Tell Me About Tax Title Services.

At Tax Title Services, our primary objective is to qualify tax deed properties for title insurance and preventing the requirement of a quiet title judgment by our partner underwriters. We’ve been providing our nationally recognized foreclosure due process certifications on behalf of our clients since 2000. We are not a title company, however, our partner underwriters will provide title insurance on your transaction based on our successful certification, thus allowing your property to be sold or refinanced. We are the thorough, fast, and inexpensive alternative to quiet title actions.

What Is the Foreclosure Due Process Certification?

Is Obtaining Title Insurance for Tax Deed Properties Important?

How Long Does the TTS Certification Process Take?

Which States Do You Offer Service In and What Is the Cost?

What Kind of Guarantees Can TTS Offer Me in Obtaining Title Insurance for My Tax Deed Property?

Are You the Title Company for Title Insurance and Closing?

Is Purchasing These Types of Properties Risky?

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